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Matches in a Bottle

Matches in a Bottle


We have been working on bringing you some luxury matches since Dusk first started in 2020 - and finally they are here. It has been a lengthy but worthwhile process sourcing and trialling different materials to bring you the best quality matches, manufactured here in the UK!


55 luxury black matches are hand counted and packed into bespoke glass bottles and sealed with a cork. Our bottles and corks are also manufactured here in the UK by a family run business. Each bottle is adorned with our signature 'Dusk Candle Co.' logo and a special little label with the quote 'One Spark Can Brighten Someone's Entire World' - this makes our matches the perfect gift for a special person in your life.


Every bottle of our luxury matches has striking paper on the base, which means you simply remove a match, strike it on the bottle, and light your candles. The 'Matches in a Bottle' are the perfect accessory to style up a coffee table, or display next to a beautiful candle.



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